Babysitter Crazy Baby Daycare

Have fun while taking care of the cutest kids! Become the best babysitter in town by looking after a bouncing baby boy or girl, making sure they get fed, teaching them arts & crafts, and even picking out adorable new outfits for them. Hone your babysitting skills by exploring different map areas – the playground, the spa and the kitchen. These crazy babies are active and curious, so don’t leave them for too long or they’ll be sure to get themselves into trouble! Check in to the daycare regularly to bathe, nurture and play with your baby. Once the day is done, make sure to put the toddler to bed and read them a story, ready for another day of fun and games tomorrow. FEATURES: - Choose to look after a playful girl or an active boy - Get creative by drawing and painting pictures with your kids - Shake, turn and swipe to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for baby - Watch out for those tears! Learn the foods, drinks and activities that make your child happy again - Shower and pamper the toddler so they are clean and comfortable - Head to the clothes store to pick out cute clothing and accessories together - Explore outside the daycare, taking your child out into the colourful and bustling city - Toddlers love to play – make sure you’re keeping them entertained by visiting the playground - Brush their teeth, read a book and tuck them into bed so they can get their rest Perfect for children and families playing together, Babysitter Crazy Baby Daycare is a great game to learn how to care for yourself and for others. Babysitting isn’t easy but with the fun and engaging gameplay, you will quickly discover how to take care of your toddlers. With fun activities, cute characters, and the challenge of becoming the best babysitter, make sure to come back to the game each day to play and learn more. In Babysitter Crazy Baby Daycare your little friends need your help now, can you please take care of them? You must become an expert babysitter and play in a crazy Baby Daycare. In this fun game for kids you can learn how to take care of babies. These babysitting daycare games are loving games to help their moms and take care of the baby. Have fun and enjoy this free babysitter and daycare game. Choose your baby character and enjoy tons of activities with the toddlers: - bath your little friend till he is clean - choose the best dress up like gorgeous outfits, cap, shoes, glasses, cute toys - get the child dressed to go to the playground - enjoy lots of fun activities like a feeding, spa treatment and painting - the baby is so hungry: prepare the baby food - serve kids sweet and delicious food - take a bubble bath and brush teeth before bedtime - tell baby a good night story - If you have a baby sister or brother this is the right educational game for you! You could be a babysitter and have a good time with your lovely baby. Baby Care and Dress up your cute babies , be their babysitter now. This game provides creative tasks to increase curiosity like bath your baby, dress up and baby care. When your toddlers get tired, put them to bed as good babysitter should do. You'll have to play the role of a good babysitter and learn to take care of Baby Boy or girl in a daycare. Baby care games let you play the role like a real mommy or daddy to take care for baby. Babysitting is not an easy job, but with this game you will have an idea of what to expect!


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